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Horticulture HID/LED Bulbs

DENKYU LIGHTING, INC. provides top quality Horticulture Bulbs at a reasonable price. Originating in Japan, DENKYU HID bulbs are made with only the finest materials, including hand blown quartz glass. We offer a many types of HID bulbs that are guaranteed to produce results. Side by side comparisons have shown that our lights produce higher yields than leading competing brands. 

LED/HID Horticulture Catalog

Newest Innovations in LED Horticulture Technology

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                               Hybrid LED Grow Lights are available 

                               at your local Hydroponic shop

Highbay Hook

New Hybrid Hook Mount High-Bay 150W

CMH315 Replacement

High Quality HID Horticulture Bulbs


CMH315 3K/4K












Aquarium Lamps (Made to Order)


HID DE1000

KOTO Fishing Bulbs

KOTO Fishing Lamps


    KOTO Spec Sheets         

Boat-Deck Globe Metal Halide  Lamp

Boat-Deck Slim Metal Halide Lamp

Underwater Metal Halide Lamp

Fishing Lamp Ballast Series

Dimmer / Sockets for Underwater & Boat-Deck






DENKYU LIGHTING, INC. is a proud distributor of KOTO fishing lamps. Koto Electric Co., Ltd. was found in 1947 with one factory. Today, Koto Electric Co., Ltd. owns four high capacity factories in Japan. Koto Electric Co., Ltd. manufactures stage and studio lights, fishing lights, and high intensity lighting sources for specialty needs. Likewise, Koto Electric Co., Ltd. manufactures various electrical components made specifically for the lighting industry. In 1976, KOTO's first halogen fishing products were produced, paving the way to their introduction of underwater H.I.D. lights in 1983. KOTO's fishing light development team is constantly working to improve efficiency through knowledge and experience gained from professional fishermen.