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LED Bulbs 

Our high-quality Sapphire Filament/T8 LED Bulbs can be found in many popular locations across the United States. Switching to LED will save you thousands on energy costs!

United States: Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas/ Chevron Gas Stations

Treasure Island Chevron

Standard HID Bulbs  

DENKYU’s HID production line is known for its ability to produce reliable Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs. Denkyu Lighting, Inc. has been supplying government-contracted HPS street lights to Puerto Rico since 2008, with minimum failures. In the United States, DENKYU OEM’s HID bulbs to many big name brands for a wide variety of applications.


Puerto Rico Street Lights

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico


United States: Staples Center, Los Angeles

Staples Center

Horticulture Bulbs

Horticulture Bulbs made by Denkyu Lighting, Inc. are guaranteed to produce results. Originating in Japan, DENKYU Horticulture bulbs provide yields unmatched by the competition. Check out the testimonials to learn more about how our bulbs can work for you.

Customer Testimonials

Instagram: @denkyu_horticulture

Dusted Bud Genetics: "We have had great success since switching to DENKYU for our facilities.  Both resin production and yield increases have met our highest expectations."

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