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High-Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)

DENKYU LIGHTING, INC. designs, manufactures, and sells a wide range of high-intensity discharge bulbs. Just like with our LED Bulbs, you can be confident that you are purchasing quality products. We have been supplying high-pressure sodium bulbs to the power company in Puerto Rico for use lighting freeways, highways, and streets since 2007. Only seven bulbs out of 1.5 million have been returned and our contract has been renewed.

MH4000 Bulb

Spec sheets:

Ceramic MH
Standard HPS
Long Life / Instant Restrike HPS
Standard MH
Standard MP
Pulse Start MH
Pulse Start MP
G12 / Double Ended MH

HID Bulb

General HID Bulbs

Our general HID bulbs are suitable for everyday use in security, landscape, and other HID lighting applications. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and include the following bulb types:

• Standard High Pressure Sodium (HPS)
• Standard Probe Start Metal Halide (MH)
• Protected Probe Start Metal Halide (MP)
• Long Life / Instant Restrike Standby High Pressure Sodium (HPS)

• G12 / Double Ended Base Metal Halide (MH)
• Ceramic Metal Halide (DCM)
• Protected Pulse Start Metal Halide (MP/PS)
• Pulse Start Metal Halide (MH/PS)

Light-Emitting Diode Bulbs (LED)

Light-Emitting Diode bulbs are extremely long lasting, so you do not have to be bothered with replacing them very often. Our LED lights save on energy costs and require very minimal power to operate. 



LED Filament Bulbs

Amber Bulb

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LED Bulbs are Energy Efficient

These lights provide a 90% energy saving versus standard incandescent bulbs over the course of 22 years at 3 hours per day of use. Large companies are moving to our energy-efficient LED lighting. The MGM Grand™ hotel in Las Vegas recently purchased a large order of LED lights for their hotel rooms. As traditional incandescent bulbs burn out, they will be replacing them with LED bulbs purchased from Denkyu Lighting, Inc.

Versatile Light Bulb Options

We offer various shapes, base sizes, and wattages to meet many needs. All of the LED Filament Bulbs that Denkyu Lighting, Inc. sells are full glass, 100% dimmable, do not flicker, and are made with high quality sapphire based filaments. Our competitive prices are sure to please. Please inquire about price breaks for large-quantity orders. Our 150W LED High-Bay is a perfect replacement for existing HID Fixtures. It has won 2nd place for most innovative product of the year at LFI 2017.

Award Winning

LED - HID Replacement

Hybrid High-Bay 150W

105W/150W High-Bay Catalog

Retrofit Flyer LED Light Bulbs 8 LED Flyer

T8 Installation Guide

AC Input Wiring Diagram